Popular Activities

We have a wide range of activities you can try in our spaces



Book one of our spaces to fulfill all of your practicing needs. We understand how hard it is to find a practice room at music schools, to have access to great instruments and noise complaints from neighbors. Touring musicians can also now find an easy rehearsal space in any city with just the touch of a button.



On Music Traveler, you have access to some fantastic venues to host your own recital, concert and gigs. To think, you could be booking the Kings Theater in Brooklyn all the way to the magnificent Vienna Concert Hall.



Sometimes you need a quiet retreat away from home to compose and produce your music. Music Traveler spaces are perfect for that with rooms that contain multiple instruments, synths and gear all for you start experimenting with.



We understand how hard it is to access to a space that is able to fit in a whole chamber group, orchestra or large instruments. With Music Traveler, you have a variety of large and expansive spaces that include chairs and stands.



We have plenty of rehearsal spaces that include grand pianos, stands and chairs. You can easily book a Music Traveler space to accompany soloists or find a double piano room to practice that piano concerto.


Dance Rehearsals

We don’t only cater to musicians. Many of the spaces on Music Traveler are large enough with mirrors that can hold dance rehearsals, aerobic classes or even acting classes. Some have pianos in them for live accompaniment or broadway rehearsals as well as speakers to blast whatever song your heart desires.


Music Lessons

You can teach your music lessons in any of our spaces. We know not everyone has access to musical facilities or quality instruments to teach on. You also don’t want multiple students bashing away on your piano at home, the tuning upkeep and instrument maintenance can get expensive! With Music Traveler, you can book an entire day or block of time and schedule your students in for lessons.



The recording studios on Music Traveler are fitted with state of the art equipment, accessories and instruments. Book a session at one of our spaces and start on your next major hit or album.