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Ann Liebeck

Covid Captivity Cabaret: Lockdown Sonnets

  • Aug. 28, 2021     8:00 PM (UTC+1:00)
  • London, UK
  • Opera singer Ann Liebeck started writing sonnets about her feelings as lockdown hit the UK at the beginning of the Coronavirus epidemic. Composer Paul Moylan picked up on the dramatic thread of broken dishwashers, panic-buying and genuine grief which led to Paul composing songs to Ann's poems. They communicated by Messenger and WhatsApp and decided to record at distance on their phones with Jonny, Ann's son. And so 'Covid Captivity Cabaret' was born.
  • This captivating show was performed LIVE for the very first time and recorded specially for Brighton Fringe. Featuring stunning brand new original material by Ann (vocals), Paul Moylan (double bass) and Jonny Liebeck (piano). Laugh along at Ann's love song to her broken dishwasher, cry with the Covid Madonna and march out of lockdown with the Vaccine Army, a tambourine flourish and clickety clack of castanets!
  • Age suitability: 16 +


  • Ann (vocals)
  • Paul Moylan (double bass) Jonny Liebeck (piano)