Become a Host

Sign up and become a Music Traveler host!

Whether you are an individual with a room in your house, or an established business with rooms already being rented out, we have the perfect solution for you.

Step 1: Subm‍‍‍it a request to become a host

Log into your existing account and click "Become a Host" (under your profile) and submit your info. Once you’ve been approved, you’re all set to start hosting!

Choose type of account

We have both ‍‍‍types of hosts – individuals and businesses. Select the one that fits you best.

Enter bank information

We use Stripe as our payment processor so we can pay you directly via Stripe and your bank account.

Submit your request

Stripe will verify your bank details. Once that is complete, w‍‍‍e can approve your request to become a host.

Step 2: Create your place and all the room(s) inside

You're now a Music Traveler host. What's next?

Create your rooms

Just create a place (home, studio, concert hall, etc.) and add some rooms to it. Add a description, photos and your rules to follow.

Set the schedule

You choose when your room(s) are available and block them out when they are not. Set by the hour or the day, it’s up to you.

Make it FastBook (or not)

If you don’t need to approve every booking request, make your room a FastBook room so that people can book ‍‍‍without any delays.

Step 3: Manage your bookings

Your rooms are now available for booking. Let the music begin!

Approve requests (or not)

You can view details on the person who is requesting the room, then ‍‍‍either approve, reject or ask for more information.

View your schedule

Manage bookings across all your rooms from one integrated calendar. View by d‍‍‍ay, we‍‍‍ek or month. See occupancy stats and more.


Full refunds are given when bookings are cancelled within the window‍‍‍ that you set. Otherwise no refunds are given.